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Holiday options for Seniors

Holiday options become wider and more interesting as we grow older. We no longer have to worry about traveling with children and never again must we travel like poor, backpacking students.


Moreover, we now have a deep pool of experience and knowledge sourced from life experience, and the experiences of friends and family, that can be drawn upon to plan the perfect holiday.


With this in mind, we have put together a brief list of holiday options for seniors that cater for different budgets, locations, accessibility requirements, and tastes.



Cruises have long been an attractive option for older Australians and are becoming ever more popular. Large cruise operators are in the midst of a “cruise boom” brought on by more affordable fares, more destinations and upgrades to port facilities from Cairns to Noumea.


Cruises cater for a wide range of tastes; gourmet food options and balcony suites are available for couples seeking a quiet getaway together, while more affordable bookings are available for groups travelling together that are looking to experience life on the seas.


Departure points exist from almost every major city in Australia, with cruises that can take in the glorious Barrier Reef Marine Park, the tropical Whitsundays, the expansive Western Australian coastline, or the idyllic charm of the Pacific Islands. For those who want to go further afield, river cruises of Vietnam and Cambodia are growing in popularity amongst Australians of all ages due to the vibrant culture and incredible food on offer.


On the Road

Packing the boot of the car or camper van and embarking on a road trip has long been a favourite pastime of Australians of all ages, especially amongst those who can commit to a few weeks away from home.


For those with the spirit of adventure who crave the freedom of the open road, Australia is one of the most roadtrip-friendly nations in the world.


We have an abundance of riches available, from the iconic Great Ocean Road between Melbourne and Adelaide, to the Red Centre Way between Alice Springs and Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. It doesn’t end there, with the South Australia Loop, the Circle Tasmania and the Pacific Coast Touring Route showing the diversity and beauty that this country has to offer.


Best of all, driving is an incredibly inexpensive way to travel, as you can find affordable accommodation on the road or hire a camper van and stop at the hundreds of friendly caravan parks across Australia.


Value in Numbers

No matter where you choose to go, it may surprise you to learn that package deals and group discounts can be found for almost every holiday. Whether it is a cruise, a few nights at a retreat in the tropical north, or an international trip, older Australians are a hugely desirable market for tourism operators.


Many will offer substantial discounts for group bookings—all you need to do is ask!


There is a wealth of holiday options available for older Australians to enjoy, and we hope that that we have helped you discover some ideas that lead you to your next well-deserved break.