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Fun ways to Exercise

By Gabrielle Maston

There are so many exciting ways to exercise at any age. Everyone knows that exercise is the key to a strong body and mind, but often the hardest part is deciding where to start! Begin building a stronger, fitter and healthier body today by exploring some fun fitness ideas—it is never too late to try something new!


Golf is a low-intensity aerobic sport that can contribute to improved fitness, lung function and physical mobility. An 18-hole game could result in walking 8-9km in a few hours at an easy-to-moderate pace with plenty of rest to catch your breath. Make sure you ditch the golf buggy and wear comfortable walking shoes.


Aquatic Excercise

Water-based exercise is a great way to rehabilitate joint-related injuries and to work around balance and mobility restrictions. Aquatic exercise includes hydrotherapy, aqua aerobics, traditional swimming, and deep water running. It is an easy way to increase exercise intensity and work in the aerobic fitness zone without putting undue pressure on joints. In the pool you will notice the water softens muscles, decreasing muscle stiffness and improving flexibility when stretching in the water. These benefits are then translated into land-based activities making movement easier. 



Cycling is a versatile form of low impact exercise that can be used for easy- to high-intensity fitness training. It may feel a little daunting getting on a road bike outdoors, so you may want to consider an indoor stationary bike, which is equally effective. Light cycling can be used as a rehabilitation exercise after a knee injury, depending on the area affected. In contrast, it can also provide a good platform for interval-based fitness training consisting of hard and easy exercise stints.



Heartmoves is a group-based strength training class. Due to its combination of aerobic and strength-based movements, it is a fantastic way to improve heart health and reduce the risk of falling by increasing strength in the legs. During the class, a range of exercises will be taught using hand weights combined with simple stepping and walking routines. For a fun way to socialize and meet new people, visit the heart foundation website for a list of classes in your area.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a fantastic group-based class that focuses on balance and flexibility. It is great for those who want to improve confidence in walking or decrease stress from work. During a class, participants mimic the instructor’s slow movement patterns, which consist of a range of positions derived from martial arts. Slow and controlled breathing is also encouraged, which helps to calm the nervous system. Classes are usually performed outdoors in parks or in fitness facilities.


Gabrielle Maston is a personal trainer, dietitian and exercise physiologist.